Our research interests include control and optimization for autonomous operations of unmanned assets, particularly UAV, including; 

  • Energy efficient path planning using system control and optimization methods 

  • SOC, SOH, and SOP state estimation algorithm development of small Li-Ion battery pack system for miniature UAV 

  • Configurable model based SW platform development for miniature UAV

Current Research 1

Real-Time Web Map Service Based on a Solar Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

  • Using the solar-powered, long-endurance, and hoverable UAV, daytime map images are continuously and repeatedly uploaded to the web map server

  • Uploaded map images are overlapped with the existing ground surface map images in real-time

Current Research 2

Developing the Marine Environment Monitoring Unmanned Aerial System for the Reduction of Fish Farm Damage

  • Marine environment observation UAV is being developed to instantly capture various marine phenomena occurring on the coast by carrying two sets of multi-Spectral imaging cameras

  • The remote reflectance of seawater is the most basic optical property to estimate color components in seawater and we could remotely estimate the chlorophyll concentration, and etc.

Unmanned Autonomous System Laboratory