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  • Position : CEO

  • Period : Oct 2021 ~ Current


Youth Period, Co., Ltd.

  • Position : CTO

  • Period : Apr 2014 ~ Apr 2018

  • Total Production Quantity : 200 units

  • The rise of eco-friendly personal electric mobility is a worldwide trend and the first Korean-made IT convergence electric skateboard, Youth Board, is developed to lead the trend. Youth Board is remotely controllable using either Youth Wearable Controller or Youth App through Bluetooth v4.0 communication, can speed up to 25 km/hr, and operating time is approximately 1.5 hr. A LED display located in the front side of Youth Board deck shows three different states to a rider for user convenience: remaining battery SOC, current driving speed, and braking amount. Indoor EMC test results between Youth Board and Youth Wearable Controller and outdoor Youth Board driving test results are analyzed. In particular, driving test results show the maximum current output is about 15% lowered compared to the other competitor electric skateboard and it lessens the power burden of the motor ESC. These results show Youth Board’s usefulness as a personal mobility in the sense of small, light, and inexpensive aspects. Further detailed information can be found in the following link.

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